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Dated: 06/17/2014

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With the summer season on the brink here in the Puget Sound, imagine barbecuing in one of these deluxe outdoor kitchens. Upgraded patios for al fresco dining are becoming all the rage in summer home renovation. 

More people are remodeling their patios to a full outdoor entertaining space with the same amenities as the modern great room. This means there is a space for gathering, which normally includes sectional sofas, wicker furniture or built-in banquettes with cushions. There is also a space for dining; the rustic farm table is a popular choice, as well as booths with bench seating or wicker tables. Finally, the cooking station is normally the highlight of the space, which includes the grill, but may also feature a range, a refrigerator, and a stainless steel sink. 

To make the space a bit more luxurious, fire pits, kitchen islands, wood-fired pizza ovens, wine coolers, and even televisions can be included as well.

Of course, the number one consideration when remodeling your outdoor space is safety. The barbecue itself is best supported by fire-resistant masonry, though this only works if you have a ground-level patio. Steel studs, concrete, stone or brick are suitable materials for an outdoor kitchen. If there are cabinets, these should be stainless steel as well. 

Often homeowners want a roof over their outdoor cooking space. Technically, no wood should be used over a BBQ, whether in the form of a roof or a pergola. If a roof is a must, consider partially covering the area, leaving the BBQ open to the air. A frame can be constructed of steel and a metal roof applied if a full roof is non-negotiable.

Barbecues also produce a lot of smoke, so keep in mind the prevailing winds in your area when placing your grilling station. The last thing you want is smoke blowing into your seating area or into your house. You will also possibly need a water line, electricity, and a permanent gas line to the area. 

Here are some amazing outdoor kitchens that would make you the envy of all your neighbors. If you are looking for a contractor, you should contact Team Troy today, we have a list of preferred vendors: 206-745-3457. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild, homes with large backyards can be fitted with new outdoor spaces just like these. Check out potential homes here. While outdoor kitchens can cost a pretty penny, there are ways to cut costs, like getting used or clearance appliances or getting the outdoor furniture in the off-season. Considering these are the latest and greatest in home amenities, these outdoor spaces can be great for real estate resale as well.

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