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Dated: 07/28/2014

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Odds are that if you live around the Puget Sound or Seattle area, you've heard of the so-called "Northwest Contemporary Style," but what does this really mean?

It is used as a kind of catch-all term for any home that was built fairly recently in the Pacific Northwest. For example, all of these homes have been called the Northwest Contemporary Style:

While all of these houses may seem different in a lot of ways, there are several elements in common fall under the umbrella term of Northwest Contemporary. One hallmark of the style is that the homes fit well into the landscape of the northwest. The use of rustic wood and stone mimic the palette and texture of the rugged forests that surround us. Along with this idea, these homes typically have an abundance of enormous windows that allow the homeowner to actually experience nature; the sunlight and views come pouring into their homes from practically every room.
These homes also reference the Craftsman, Prairie, and Japanese styles that have been rooted in the Seattle area for over 100 years. Borrowing from these styles, the large overhanging roof eaves, use of heavy knee bracing, thick window surrounds, and sweeping horizontal elements, are all featured in the above examples.
What makes these homes "contemporary" is that they often do something innovative and creative. The use of an asymmetrical roof, often fitted with solar panels, is fairly common. Also the use of metallic elements in the siding, windows, or railings make for a more cutting edge feel. The interiors typically include open floor plans, beam ceilings, as well as skylights and the continuation of the natural wood and stone features throughout.
You might be interested to know that even though you might not have a Northwest Contemporary home, you can borrow some of the elements for an interior or exterior home renovation. Let us help you get the home you've been imagining. Search below for Northwest Contemporary homes on the market right now, or call Team Troy today at 206-745-3457 to get started.

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