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We’ve busted out a ton of facts about life in Bothell, Washington, in the past dozen or so posts, here, and there are a lot more to come. But when you’re contemplating a major move, involving uprooting your family and crossing a serious chunk of America, you’d love to have someone in your network there; a friend who’ll give you the straight stuff on what living in Bothell is really all about. The question behind all the facts, all the other questions, is basic: “Will we be like this new place? Will my family be safe and happy?

If you don’t have a friend in Bothell, let us help. What follows are actual comments about Life in Bothell, Washington, as collected for a suburban profile commissioned by a travel publication back in 2013. One question was put to seventy residents of the Bothell area…

What do you like about living in Bothell?

“…my company transferred me here from North Carolina. I was scared to death. I’d never lived more than a hundred miles from Charlotte. All I knew about Seattle was the Space Needle and the Seahawks. But we asked around and found this place. We paid about the same for our house here as we did in Charlotte and got more land around it. Our kids go to better schools. Seattle’s twelve minutes that way and we drive forty-five minutes to ski. We have great neighbors and there’s a lot less crime here than Charlotte. Yeah (laughs), the weather is different but I’m not shoveling ten feet of snow off my drive way every winter and haven’t seen any ice in three years. I’m not really sure we’ll ever get back to Carolina…and, surprisingly, that would be just fine with all of us.

“…The first thing we noticed about Bothell was how quiet it is. The first week we were here, I had trouble sleeping. I thought it was insomnia but it finally hit me: it was the quiet! No sirens, no freeway traffic, no hot rods on the street. Now, I sleep like a rock and the only sound that ever wakes me up is when the cat knocks something off the kitchen counter.”

We moved here from Kalispell, Montana, when our son got a job with Microsoft. We were ready for a change and we wanted to be close but, for more selfish reasons, we want to travel more, too. Here, we can pop off to Victoria, BC, on the Clipper or drive to the beach in two hours or take the ferry to Bainbridge Island or see the tulips in Mount Vernon. And we got more house here than we had in Kalispell! I don’t even remember who told us about Bothell, but I’m really glad they did.

“…Bothell? Wouldn’t live anywhere else. I came over from Bremerton in ’94. We had a place with about an acre there and we figured we’d never be able to afford that on this side. Here, I have an acre and a half and I’m paying less than I was in Bremerton. And I’m fifteen minutes from Mariners games!

 “Here’s the thing for me. I didn’t want to leave Sonoma. I loved it there. My family was in the wine biz and I was just learning, while working for Siemens. They transferred me here and I figured wine was gonna have to wait. But I met a guy just three miles from us, in Woodinville, who took me on a winery tour. I was floored! Now, I’m making my own wine, after learning from one of the best winemakers in Washington. I still love Sonoma but…Bothell really is home, now.”

There are seventy more of these and nobody said a negative word about Life in Bothell. THAT is what’s behind all the dry facts: a fantastically livable city that’s both close-in and as far away as you want to make it. That’s Bothell: something to please everybody.

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