The Coolest Fireplaces In Seattle

Dated: 09/14/2014

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With fall around the corner, the weather will start to turn chilly soon here in the Pacific Northwest. So grab your pumpkin spice latte, wrap up in your favorite blanket and cozy next to a warm fireplace. If this is the scene you've been dreaming of, than prepared to be inspired by these incredible hearths of the Pacific Northwest. There are an indefinite number of shapes, sizes, and materials for fireplace design, and can be incorporated into any home style.

This contemporary style fireplace in Queen Anne uses smooth concrete for clean look.

The horizontal gas fireplace next to the built-in wine rack makes for a great basement sipping spot. Would be perfect in Woodinville, where wine is king.  

This fireplace brings the outdoors inside with the rustic stone stack and iron fireplace doors. This would be perfect in Snoqualmie, or Issaquah with the mountains right outside your door.  

This fireplace is located in a downtown Seattle condo. It's a great way to divide space, yet still have the gas fireplace in both the dining room and the living room. 

This eco-friendly Capitol Hill home has Japanese influences and the cool, contemporary, and clean line of the gas fireplace adds to that style.

This fireplace is all about built-ins, including bookcases and a mounted flatscreen. It is also striking to use a contrasting paint color for the hearth. This could be incorporated into homes in just about any Seattle area, including Kirkland, Bothell, Lynnwood or Bellevue.
Fireplace Safety: 

Fireplaces can also present a home hazard, so it's important to practice routine maintenance to prevent accidents. Here are a couple helpful hints to keep in mind if you have a fireplace in your home.
1. If you have a wood burning fireplace, you should be sure to have your chimney cleaned of soot and creosote every year. These substances can ignite and potentially cause a fire if they build up too much.
2.  Take a look at your chimney cap to be sure it still is fitting properly. The cap usually tops the chimney and prevents leaves, birds, rain, etc. from coming down the stack.
3. Consider installing glass doors to prevent embers from getting into your room. If you install a blower fan to direct the heat into the room, it also can increase the efficiency of the fireplace.
4. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure it is properly vented and make sure you have a functional carbon monoxide detector in your home just in case.
If you are looking for contractors who can help you remodel your living room, bedroom, basement or office to include a cool fireplace like those above, give Team Troy a call: 206-745-3457 for a referral. We work with the best of the best, and would be happy to help you with your home-owning needs!
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