Tips For A Safe Thanksgiving Holiday In Seattle

Dated: 11/27/2013

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Some may think: what does Thanksgiving and real estate have in common? The answer is your home. As your home buying and selling experts, Team Troy is dedicated to helping all our homeowners even after their transaction is complete. For this reason, today’s post is dedicated to tips for home safety on Turkey Day:

1. Cooking Fires:  Thanksgiving would certainly seem to be a reasonably risk-free holiday. That is, unless you happen to know that cooking fires are more likely to happen on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year. In recent years, cooking fires were involved in more than 1,000 reported home-structure fires annually on Thanksgiving, which is three times the national average.  Be sure to avoid distracted cooking and make sure your oven and stovetops are clear of debris like dishtowels and paper towels.  

2. Fryer Problems: Frying a Turkey can be so hazardous that some authorities recommend not even attempting it. If you must, always fry the turkey outdoors, clear of building materials that could burn. Fryers should only be used on flat surfaces and they should never be placed on wooden decks or in garages. Don’t leave a fryer unattended and carefully monitor the temperature of the oil.
3.  Keep an eye on Fido: While it might seem tempting to give your dog a turkey leg, apparently vets see many dogs on Thanksgiving that have choked or ingested bones an actually require surgery.  
4. Young Kids and Mischief: There will most likely be quite a few more people and distractions in the home over the holidays. Be sure that half-empty wine glasses and Uncle Ed’s special punch aren’t left around for them to sneak into. Alcohol poisoning among youngsters is especially common in the E.R. over the holidays. Also make sure relatives don’t leave medicines lying around in plain sight, they look like candies to small kids.  
5. Road Safety: Always consider getting a taxi or a designated driver for holiday parties, and be especially vigilant on the roads when driving late at night.   

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