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Dated: 08/20/2014

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In this customized Team Troy quiz, you will find out which house style you are based on your personality and lifestyle. Click here or on the orange button below to take the quiz

While this might just be for good fun, it also might reveal not only which type of house you belong in, but also where you belong. Do you like the country or city? Are you social or do you like your privacy. Take this quiz and find out if you're living where you should be. If you're not, Team Troy would be happy to help you find the house of your dreams in an amazing Puget Sound area: Visit: www.nwlistingsearch.com for more information on buying, listing, selling, and investing in Puget Sound real estate.

Here is a list of the house style's that you could be; be sure to take the quiz and see which one best suits you:
Farm House or Horse Ranch: You're a hard worker who loves nature and wide open spaces. You are also probably an animal lover and don't mind getting your hands dirty. Quiet and solitude are what's relaxing to you, and you know your way around a garden. These homes offer amazing views because they are outside the city limits. They also have loads of character, sometimes made of logs or are sometimes even historic clapboard with wrap around porches. Areas like Woodinville, Marysville, and Snohomish are just a few areas where you might find a Farm House or a Horse Ranch.

Traditional Colonial: You are a conservative person and very reliable. The Traditional Colonial is your typical, tried and true 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom brick home with a center hall, living room, dining room plan. This type of home is found in the suburbs, so you probably like a little bit of space and are somewhat of a private person. You will find homes that fit your personality in Lynnwood, Bothell, Kirkland, Woodinville, Redmond, Renton, Issaquah and Lake Forest Park.

Craftsman: The Craftsman style of home was created to blend in with its surroundings, especially with the natural environment. If you love Craftsmans, you're laid back and love the great outdoors. The colors tend to be earthy, and the use of natural materials like wood flooring, wood shingles, interior woodwork, or even exterior stonework are quite common. For you, family is paramount in your life. Craftsmans are built around the concept of the "hearth" and usually have beautiful fireplaces whereby the family was meant to gather round. Lastly, Craftsmans were built in cities for the middle class, so you you prefer urban neighborhoods like Wallingford, Green Lake, Ravenna, Ballard, Queen Anne or West Seattle.

Tudor: You're a romantic and an intellectual. Your hobbies include reading, traveling, and exploring. Tudors are designed to be reminiscent of old English architecture and even castles. Often they include archways, leaded stain glass, turrets, and even bay windows with a reading nook included. You'll find Tudors in the neighborhoods of Montlake, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, and Ravenna.

Condominium: You're low maintenance and a true city person. You appreciate convenience and like being social. Condos are great for people who don't want the work of a yard and like to live close to where they work. A condo is like a small community where it's easy to meet people and it's close to a lot of bars, restaurants, and shops. You can find condos in Pioneer Square, Downtown, Belltown, First Hill, Capitol Hill, Madison Park, and many other neighborhoods.

Contemporary: You are cutting edge and always know what's the latest and greatest trend. You're not afraid to take risks, and are considered a very stylish person. You're creative and maybe a little eccentric. Contemporary homes utilize a lot of interesting materials like glass and metal to create a modern interior and exterior. Asymmetry is common as well as large industrial sized windows and open floor plans. You will find contemporary style homes all over the Puget Sound, especially near the water. Fremont, Magnolia, Bellevue, Kirkland, Leschi, and Laurelhurst are just a few neighborhoods where you might find contemporary homes.

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