Troy Real Estate Group Testimonials

I have built over 100 homes, and have extensive experience with real estate agents.

In 2008 I met Troy Anderson and have worked with him since then. Troy sold 20 properties of mine in the toughest market! He is by far the most responsible, conscientious, professional and effective agent I have ever worked with. Troy tops my list for a real estate referral, and I call him first.


I've known Troy for over 10 years now.

He's helped us purchase two homes and sell one. We trust his judgement and feel he is in-tune with the market and the swift changes that can occur. My wife and I were blown away by his willingness to go above and beyond in all aspects of the sale. We recently recommended him to a neighbor and received similar feedback. Bottom line... We were very impressed with Troy. He made our buying and selling experience smooth and even fun. We recommend him to anyone we know who is buying or selling a home.

Adam Briscoe

When my husband and I began our home buying search, we both had decided we did NOT want a real estate agent until the last minute.

We have never had a good experience with them and certainly didn't trust them. In fact, just prior to finding Team Troy, I had just fired one that came as part of a service. I was going to get a rebate to use their agent. They couldn't have paid me enough after the interaction with both her and her staff. Once again, she had her own agenda and wasn't listening. Our experience with Justin of Team Troy was completely the opposite. When I first spoke with him, he was advised from the start that we were not interested in having an agent, but just wanted someone to show us a house that his company had listed. After speaking with him for about 15 minutes, we changed our mind. Despite knowing that we weren't interested in an agent, he was obviously excited about what he did for a career. He educated us with no expectation of a return on his time. He was available and supportive through the entire process and I will be doing business with him and Team Troy again soon.

The Smiths

Troy and his team did a fantastic job throughout our listing and sales process.

I would highly recommend him for anyone who truly expects and appreciates red carpet service for whatever your home sale circumstances may be. The moving truck he provides at move-out was truly a life saver. Thanks Team Troy.

Mr. and Mrs. Fee

Calm, Cool, and Collected.

We had a tough sell with several bumps in the road. We lost a couple buyers due to problems on their end, and Troy was able to keep everything on track and eventually get our house sold for a great price. I believe he always had our best interests in mind, kept us positive, and gave us a great result. In his words, it was a bumpy ride with a smooth landing. Thanks Troy.

Rod Fleming

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